Yaboy STIGMARTYR finally pulls his finger out of his arse and releases his single which is called Barlementary, but the logo says Bars101 because there's a radio edit and an acoustic version on there? Literally no idea but that's the rap game for you kids, it's all just words anyway so fuck it you might as well just call anything anything. You definitely click and listen, the single is about 748% better than this dry AF sales copy.

Pay what you want to download BARS101

To allow everyone from plutocrats to plebs to enjoy the soothing mellow sounds of Stigmartyr select your preferred price from the options below and click through to instant download a .zip file containing .mp3s of the whole Bars101 ting.

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The Album:

Full of huge bangers, like ur mum at the rugby club, Stigmartyrs debut album is available for listening and downloading now, click this link to make it happen:


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